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Industry: IT Security

Founded: 2006

About PureSquare

For over 15 years, PureVPN has proved its consistency and reliability as a digital security and privacy solution provider to over 3M+ Yousers worldwide. We understand that your digital security and online privacy needs are expanding beyond VPNs.

Safer digital experiences with layered protection have always been the PureVPN way and we remain committed to that. 

Without losing focus of what brought us here, our coverage is evolving, with squaring as a mindset, we develop newer protections to serve you beyond VPNs under one common identity.

Introducing PureSquare  - A holistic platform providing Youser-friendly digital security and online privacy. 

Brands under PureSquare

PureVPN - A high-quality, no-log certified VPN service using encrypted networks to keep you secure, private and anonymous online

PurePrivacy - A privacy platform that simplifies the complications of social media settings on sites like Facebook & Instagram. 

PureKeep -  A password manager that lets you generate, store and apply uncrackable passwords. 

Pure Encrypt - A cloud security tool that encrypts your photos, videos and files, so you can safely store them online. 

PureDome - A comprehensive platform that allows you to connect your teams and control access to files, networks, and servers anytime from anywhere globally 

PureWL - White-Label VPN solutions with custom apps, added-value for SaaS vendors, seamless integration for hardware manufacturers, and online security for Managed Service Provider users. 

and what our products do not yet offer protection for, we use our voices and actions to support.