Black Friday is Here, and So is PureVPN's Deal of the Year

PureVPN is offering 88% off on its Black Friday deal. This limited-time offer is helping deal-hunters avail PureVPN's 5-year plan for just $1.33/month

PureVPN is back with its once-in-a-year Black Friday deal, and this one's too good to pass on. Today, the popular VPN brand is offering 88% off on its 5-year plan for just $79.95. This means that deal-hunters get to make massive savings of $577.05 after availing this offer. PureVPN normally costs $10.95 per month, but on Black Friday, the VPN service is available for just $1.33 per month.

The digital world is plagued with many cybersecurity and privacy issues. Online surveillance is more prevalent than ever. The boom in social media usage and cloud computing as well as the rise of AI and IoT services means that whatever we do on the internet is easily reflected online and is visible to many different entities. 

Cybersecurity threats continue to be a nuisance for many, public Wi-Fi hacks are more common than ever and online identity theft is on the rise. Moreover, cyberstalking issues continue to harm thousands of people today.

If all of this isn't bad enough, those who work remotely are faced with even more problems because of cyber threats. COVID-19 crisis has forced a lot of people to start working remotely, making them incredibly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Considering all these issues, a VPN is the need of the hour. PureVPN offers a perfect solution to digital threats with some of the most advanced online privacy and security features. With PureVPN, users can get access to several privacy-centric features such as end-to-end encryption, IP leak protection, Internet Kill Switch, and so much more. 

"Our research suggests that privacy and security are much more important motivations for customers who want a VPN," Uzair Gadit, CEO of PureVPN, pointed out in a recent interview on Forbes. "The Covid-19 crisis, for example, has seen a surge in remote working, with people often connecting to the internet in public venues on unsecured networks, where their security, if not protected by a VPN, can easily be compromised."

PureVPN's Black Friday deal is expiring soon. Deal hunters are advised to grab this offer before it runs out, and keep themselves safe and secure while saving hundreds of dollars.

Source: PureVPN