PureVPN Aims Hypersonic Speeds With the Latest 20Gbps Server Upgrades

As the world moves to 5G technology, PureVPN is also preparing itself for the future. Already boasting a server network of 10Gbps servers in the US and in Europe, the latest upgrade proves PureVPN's intent to offer one of the best VPN experiences to their customers.

PureVPN aims to go hypersonic with the 20Gbps server upgrade in key locations across the US and the UK. Users of the popular VPN brand can now enjoy an increase in speeds of 2x with the massive 20Gbps server upgrades in three prominent locations: London, Manchester, and Washington DC.

As the world moves to 5G technology, it is high time for VPN brands to also improve their infrastructure to accommodate higher bandwidths. It is great to see that premium VPN services like PureVPN are doing exactly that. The latest 20 Gbit upgrade is a testament to the changing times.

With the new upgrades, PureVPN users are sure to enjoy:

·        Faster speeds while surfing on the web.

·        Extremely fast streaming experience.

·        Fastest download speeds.

From 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps

PureVPN already boasts a server network comprising of 10Gbps servers. The most prominent VPN locations include all of the US, Australia, and Europe. Now, we're seeing the VPN provider also incorporating major locations to an even faster technology. This highlights PureVPN's commitment to being the most customer-centric VPN service in the industry.

Other major improvements to PureVPN's network

PureVPN has further updated its server infrastructure by removing 63 virtual server locations from its offered VPN locations. The VPN provider now offers a VPN server infrastructure that comprises 98.7% of physical servers. With the removal of virtual server locations, PureVPN is better equipped to provide a VPN service experience that is blazing fast, reliable, and more secure.

Source: PureVPN