PureVPN Awarded KPMG Certification Second Time in a Row, Guaranteeing Success, Security & Privacy for Its Business and White Label Partners

PureVPN has successfully catered to 600+ businesses so far and recently earned KPMG's attestation ensuring unparalleled privacy for PureVPN Business, White Label partners and their respective users.

PureVPN has gone the distance by increasing its business portfolio monumentally in a short time. To put this into perspective, PureVPN has offered services to 600+ businesses so far, and the number only continues to increase every day. The reason for PureVPN's success could be narrowed down to the brand's commitment in meeting and exceeding expectations.

As requested by PureVPN's Business and White Label customers, the brand went the extra mile to solidify its presence as a privacy-centric VPN provider by obtaining KPMG's certification. According to this certification, PureVPN is zero-logs certified, with no logs across its infrastructure.

KPMG's technical evaluation/snap auditing process involves forensically inspecting PureVPN's network infrastructure architecture, which, unlike a code audit, is less about specific technologies and more about validating privacy policies and end-user commitments compliance.

KPMG's detailed examination of PureVPN concluded that the premium VPN brand is completely compliant with its privacy policies and does not retain any VPN logs. In KPMG's own words: "It is apparent that PureVPN puts a strong emphasis on the privacy of customers".

The reason why KPMG's certification is so important has to do with the fact that only a handful of VPN  providers have been audited for no log retention claims. For any VPN provider to be absolutely transparent with its customers, it makes logical sense to go through the necessary procedures to verify their operations. 

Interestingly, PureVPN's recent audit by KPMG is not a one-off occurrence; this is the second year in a row that PureVPN has passed KPMG's snap audit. PureVPN is subject for an audit at any time, and bound to comply to retain their real-time No-Log certification. It is worth noting PureVPN is open to sharing KPMG's assessment conclusion letter in their efforts to remain transparent for complete customer satisfaction.

The KPMG certification translates favorably well for PureVPN's Business and White Label programs. This guarantees that businesses utilizing PureVPN's existing infrastructure and resources are also privacy centric and ensure their customer`s VPN data protection commitment. This affiliation alone is worth millions in brand value, something that is incredibly difficult to acquire for businesses starting a VPN brand from scratch. 

About PureVPN

PureVPN has been a part of the VPN industry for 14 years, and it was created solely for protecting internet users and their online freedom. This Hong Kong-based VPN brand promises to deliver internet freedom and unparalleled security without compromise.

Source: PureVPN