PureVPN Gets an Edge With One of the Highest Number of Server Countries

Users have the freedom to switch between thousands of VPN servers in 141+ countries around the globe.

Besides security, one of the main reasons why people use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is to get around roadblocks to their favorite websites and services.  

This is achieved by replacing a user’s original Internet Protocol (IP) address with that of the secure VPN server, which is located elsewhere. Generally, the more servers a VPN service has in many countries, the better the accessibility and speed a user will get.  

PureVPN, with a growing family of more than 3 million users, provides one of the largest number of server countries on the market. They run and manage a vast network of 2,000+ servers with 300,000+ anonymous IPs in a whopping 141+ countries.

Why Choose a VPN with Several Server Countries?

Having a VPN with several server countries is vital for two main reasons:

1. Limitless Access to Anything: With an extensive server network in many countries, users can quickly get an IP address of any location to access content from across the world.  

2. Blazing-Fast Connection Speeds: The more server countries available, the more options one has to switch and enjoy fast speeds during peak use hours.

PureVPN – The Best VPN with the Most Server Countries

In search of a VPN service with plenty of server countries on offer? PureVPN doesn’t disappoint and has placed highly optimized VPN servers in all major countries, which include but are not limited to Paraguay, Colombia and Malaysia.

In fact, it is working continuously to expand its network by adding more servers in other countries. This means that PureVPN users can expect to have more options to connect to in the near future.

Source: PureVPN