PureVPN Launches Highly Requested WireGuard Protocol

Guaranteeing minimal speed degradation alongside improved security, the WireGuard protocol is now live on PureVPN's Android and Windows apps

PureVPN has launched the highly requested WireGuard protocol that guarantees its users a faster, more reliable and more secure connection than ever before.

WireGuard is relatively newer and leaner compared to other protocols. It's designed to provide speeds that are in most cases faster or at least just as fast as other protocols, such as OpenVPN and IPSec, with improvements in security that meet PureVPN's high standards. One of its most significant features is that it's able to provide high speed without compromising on security. 

As per the tests conducted by PureVPN, the protocol records less than 10% speed degradation. WireGuard accomplishes this by using modern cryptographic standards, such as perfect forward secrecy, allowed IPs, pre-shared keys, and cutting-edge algorithms. 

WireGuard's incredible lightweight and open-source code makes it less vulnerable to security threats and risks, and more reliable for developers and users alike. To give you an idea, most protocols have over 400,000 lines of code, while WireGuard has only around 4,000 lines - making it less susceptible to outside attacks.

WireGuard has been around since 2019 and was the most requested feature by users over the past two years. However, PureVPN made it a point to run the protocol through a series of trials, tests and developments before considering it as a feature for its over 3 million privacy-oriented users and making sure it meets their high security and quality standards.

PureVPN has been consistently working on major improvements in speed and overall user experience after the up-gradation of its server network. The VPN brand upgraded most of its server network to 10 Gbps speed capacity back in 2019, and more recently added 20 Gbps servers to its network in many key locations across Europe and the United States.

They also removed a large chunk of virtual servers from its network, further ensuring that its users enjoy the most reliable speeds when connected to the service.

With customer-centricity being at the core of PureVPN's vision and values, introducing the WireGuard protocol is a testament to its commitment to delivering the best service to its users.

The WireGuard protocol is currently live on PureVPN's Windows and Android applications and roll out on Mac and iOS apps is expected in the next couple of weeks.

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Source: PureVPN