PureVPN Launches PSA on Online Abuse Against Women #RingTheAlarm

PureVPN is honoring women this International Women's Day by highlighting the alarming rise of gender-based abuse in digital spaces. 

Incidents of domestic violence, workplace harassment, and street-based harassment now have to contend with a new monster - online harassment. 

Despite the fact that online harassment is a criminal act, many people still feel comfortable engaging in it. This can be incredibly damaging for the victim who may feel like they are being attacked constantly and have no way to escape the abuse. Such incidents when repeated can lead to severe negative consequences and emotional trauma. 

Online harassment can take many different forms, but it often involves someone sending or posting hurtful or threatening messages to or about another person. It can also involve stalking, cyberbullying, and/or abusing one's private information.

It is important to remember that you are not alone, and there are people who can help you.

PureVPN published a public service awareness video about the devastating consequences of cybercrime against women. 

The company is calling on women and men from all walks of life to #RingTheAlarm next time they are confronted with gender-based discrimination or abuse online. 

PureVPN is committed to empowering women against such digital crimes and working towards building a safer and more inclusive digital world. 

Source: PureVPN