PureVPN Promotes Cyber Hygiene for a Safer Internet

​PureVPN is committed to its mission of making the internet a safer place for netizens. In its effort to improve the user’s cybersecurity landscape, PureVPN can’t stress enough about adapting good cyber hygiene. The VPN service is proudly supporting NCSAM’s theme of “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

According to PureVPN, “Good cyber hygiene means training yourself to think and act effectively about your cybersecurity.” PureVPN believes that good cyber hygiene goes a long way in securing the user’s online connection against growing cyber threats and online vulnerabilities.

Since cybersecurity isn’t taken seriously, the consequences of negligence are apparent. With data breaches and hacking attempts at an all-time high, PureVPN wants internet users to start establishing solid cyber hygiene practices while they head online. Here’s a list of tips PureVPN believes should help you get started:

1.       Use a reputable antivirus software
Antivirus software keeps users’ devices safe from malicious programs such as spyware, ransomware, malware, and other harmful software. However, just installing antivirus software isn’t enough as users have to keep it regularly updated and scan their devices every once in a while.

2.       Update device firmware
Updates carry the necessary builds that fix bugs and bring improvements to a device. This includes security patches and several advances that keep devices safe from current vulnerabilities.

3.       Use strong alphanumeric passwords
A strong password is like a solid key to a front door. The stronger the password, the more difficult it is for hackers to crack and infiltrate an online account. When choosing a password, make sure to use a combination of alphabets and numbers along with upper and lower cases.

4.       Enable two-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication is an ingenious way to add extra security to online accounts. You can set up a phone as a gateway to receive codes that grant access to an online account.

5.       Back up devices regularly
Create a backup of valuable data regularly. This gives you peace of mind and instant access to the data from any other device in case the primary device gets hacked or stolen.

6.       Use encryption for online anonymity
Data encryption is of great importance today as surveillance activities are on the rise. While some apps use end-to-end encryption, the internet connection remains unencrypted. For optimal online privacy and security, encryption is a user’s best friend.

PureVPN wants internet users to take cybersecurity seriously and build a habit of staying updated regarding evolving cybersecurity threats.

Source: PureVPN