PureVPN Server Network Gets a Speed Boost With 20 Gbps Server Upgrades

PureVPN is well prepared for the 5G world with the latest server upgrades. The VPN service now has 20 Gbps servers across the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Just over two months ago, PureVPN went hypersonic by adding 20 Gbps servers to several key locations across the UK and in the U.S. Back then, the VPN brand had also promised to expand its network of 20 Gbps servers across key locations on its network by the end of the year. The good news is that PureVPN has now delivered on this promise. 

The new upgraded 20 Gbps servers have now been added to the following locations on PureVPN's network:

  • Los Angeles, US
  • Miami Florida, US
  • Atlanta, US
  • Phoenix, US
  • Salt Lake City, US
  • All servers in France
  • All servers in Germany
  • All servers in the Netherlands

With the new 20 Gbps upgrade, PureVPN users will be able to enjoy:

  • Faster speeds surfing the web
  • A buffer-free streaming experience
  • Faster download speeds

The world is quickly moving into the 5G realm. With the increase in speeds, the bandwidth requirements are sure to rise, and so will the need for faster VPN servers. Keeping an eye on the coming times, PureVPN decided to adapt to them as quickly as possible, first by upgrading its network to 10 Gbps speeds, and then by making a leap onto 20 Gbps servers. 

VPNs are usually judged by the speeds that they offer to their users. VPN speeds usually depend on two factors: the size and speed of the VPN server, and protocols that have minimal speed degradation. PureVPN has worked on both fronts in the past few months. 

The VPN brand reviewed the servers that host the majority of its traffic and decided to upgrade all of them to 20 Gbps speeds. With this upgrade, users will not just be able to enjoy faster VPN speeds, but will also get much better stability on the network.

Moreover, the VPN brand is also updating its list of VPN protocols, the details of which will be revealed pretty soon. 

With the latest 20 Gbps upgrade to its server network, it's safe to say that PureVPN is completely ready for the 5G world.

Source: PureVPN