PureVPN Steps in to Help Users Combat VPNFilter

PureVPN Steps in to Help Users Combat VPNFilter

A highly advanced, multi-functional piece of malware dubbed VPNFilter is wreaking havoc on routers across the globe, especially targeting Ukraine. PureVPN urges internet users all over the world to use its Router Applet or configure PureVPN manually on their routers to defeat to the malware.

Cisco’s Talos research division recently announced the existence of a malware dubbed VPNFilter that’s wreaking havoc on many different brands of routers all over the world, especially targeting routers in Ukraine.

The recently made public announcement actually involves research dating back to 2016. The research and findings were made public in a haste, given the extremely destructive nature of the malware. While the malware is named VPNFilter by the researches, it had nothing to do with a VPN in actuality. If anything, a VPN is users’ best defense against this malware.

We advise all the internet users in the world to remain calm and take calculated measures to fight this malware.

Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder

Discovery of the Malware

The malware was discovered by Talos, Cisco’s research division, which has concluded that the malware is likely state-sponsored or is affiliated or sponsored by a state, most probably Russia. The VPNFilter malware is thought to have infected at least 500,000 devices in at least 54 countries as of now, but this figure is a conservative estimate given the destructive capability of the malware discovered after the researchers examined its code.

The list of the brands of routers most susceptible to this malware is long, but fortunately, users can use a VPN service to combat this malware and stop it dead right in its tracks.

PureVPN to the Rescue

PureVPN has issued an advisory to all the internet users in the world, especially Ukraine, which has been severely hit by this malware. The Co-Founder and CEO of PureVPN, Uzair Gadit said, “We advise all the internet users in the world to remain calm and take calculated measures to fight this malware. Internet users should immediately install PureVPN on their routers to keep their data and communications private, and also to protect the devices connected to the router.”

How to Stop this Malware

The researchers at Cisco have advised internet users to take the following steps to stop the malware from spreading or taking their data hostage:

Update the Firmware of your Router: Many brands of routers have released patched for their firmware. Users should immediately update the firmware of their router with the latest patch.

Factory Reset your Router: This can be done by holding your router’s reset button for five to ten seconds and rebooting the router.

Change the Password of your Router: This is a simple but critical step to be taken immediately.

Turn off Remote Administration: Check your router’s settings to make sure you have Remote Administration turned off.

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