PureVPN Supports NCSAM to Advocate Cybersecurity Awareness and Its Importance

Globally renowned VPN service, PureVPN, supports NCSAM's mission to spread cybersecurity awareness and places an emphasis on the importance of encryption for internet-enabled devices.

With billions of internet-enabled devices communicating with each other over the internet every second, the need for a secure online infrastructure has never been more important. Joining hands with NCSAM is a strong indication that PureVPN takes its user's online privacy and security seriously.

The growing number of internet-enabled devices host sensitive data such as a user's Personal Identifiable Information (PII). A single vulnerability can jeopardize intricate data, causing serious exploits in user's personal data. With devices connected to each other, the magnitude of a hack can affect billions of internet users worldwide.

Each second, gigabytes' worth of data is shared over the internet. The transmission holds valuable information that gets routed via public and private WiFi networks, both equally unreliable and unsafe without encryption.

NCSAM 2021 begins the conversation of bringing forth security measures that secure user's online activities. The event also highlights the need for having encryption algorithms in place with the increasing adoption of high-speed wireless internet technology such as 5G and WiFi 6 - which are both going to revolutionize the way we use and access the internet.

The event calls internet users to look back on their internet habits and empowers them to do their part by being cyber smart.

Source: PureVPN