PureVPN Unveils the First-Ever 7-Day Premium Trial for as Low as $0.99

As online security concerns grow amidst the global remote working trend, a leading VPN provider strives to assist Internet users in making the right decision for their data protection and privacy.

​Internet security concerns are growing abnormally as threat actors take their nefarious activities up a notch, wreaking havoc globally. The abnormal rise in global cybercrimes may very well be tied up with the massive remote working culture that the recent coronavirus outbreak has resulted in. To help the Internet users to work from home, connect to their loved ones, and access online channels securely and anonymously, PureVPN unveils for the first time a seven-day premium trial.

Unlike free trials, PureVPN’s premium trial lets users access and use any feature so they can weigh the service better and ensure if it is the right fit for them. Users can access 2,000+ VPN servers that are located in 140 countries, access multiple Netflix’s regional libraries along with other streaming services, and online TV channels while keeping their activities anonymous. Since it is a paid trial, users can also download and install the VPN application on all the devices that PureVPN supports. The trial gives further access to users to the upgraded feature, multi logins. The VPN has upgraded its multi-login feature from five to 10 devices, allowing users to connect more devices at a time. Moreover, the VPN provider also enables its premium users to further gift 12 monthly accounts without any extra charges. 

The seven-day premium trial costs only $0.99, and that too comes with a “cancel at any time” policy. It means users can cancel the trial within seven days and get their money refunded. However, if the user wishes to continue with the plan, they would recur for an annual plan, which is currently being offered at 47% off. The VPN service has yet to clarify how long the seven-day trial offer would last, which is why users are encouraged to give the service a try.

Source: PureVPN