PureVPN Unveils Three New Built-to-Last Features for Product Resilience

The induction of new features Domain Fronting, Obfuscation and Multiport will push the app experience forward.

PureVPN is introducing three new features to make its products and services more resilient, promising an even richer and more durable experience for users. These features are Domain Fronting, Obfuscation, and Multiport, all of which guarantee that the VPN is built to last.

PureVPN has worked tirelessly to make sure user concerns or obstacles are addressed and resolved. The premium VPN service provider intends to continue a stream of updates under different phases, the first of which is the resilience phase. In this phase of upgrades, PureVPN is introducing three new features that make their product more resilient, making sure users are able to connect to PureVPN even if VPNs are restricted or blocked in a region or by a network provider. 

Domain Fronting

Domain Fronting is a powerful tool to bypass internet censorship, especially in countries and regions with strict censorship laws. It makes it possible to access banned or restricted websites and apps by masking its domain name with alternatives. With this update, users can access PureVPN's app anywhere, even if it's blocked in their region. 

This feature has been enabled on PureVPN's WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols. So, all users will need to do is connect to their protocols. 


With Obfuscation, users can essentially hide the fact that they're using a VPN to reroute their traffic. By enabling the Obfuscation feature on PureVPN's OpenVPN protocol, users' connection to the app and the internet will remain uninterrupted. If a VPN is blocked in a particular region, the user in that region will not be able to make a connection and even if they do, they may not be able to use the internet. With the Obfuscation feature, users can bypass such anti-VPN technologies and methods. 


Multiport is a feature that automatically detects the best port for a connection, essentially identifying and connecting via ports that are not blocked.

Multiport adds an extra layer of security to OpenVPN. When enabled, it will try connecting to one of the ports specified in the "Port" option.

PureVPN is committed to providing digital safety, while making sure its users have the safest and most seamless experience online. The VPN service continues serving its 3 million+ satisfied customers with 6500+ servers in 78+ countries and a network bandwidth up to 20 Gbit.

Source: PureVPN