PureVPN's Cyber Monday Deal is Still Alive and Kicking

At the insistence of hundreds of thousands of VPN users, PureVPN has extended its most popular Cyber Monday VPN deal.

Cyber Monday may have ended, but the season of deals and discounts is apparently still alive. Each year, the biggest brands offer mind-blowing deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, some brands move a step further because of the growing demands of their fans and, thus, extend the deals. PureVPN is among those top brands that have opted to extend the Cyber Monday deal for a couple more days.

Following up on its tradition of offering unbeatable VPN deals on Cyber Monday, PureVPN awarded deal hunters with an unbelievable 88% discount on its five-year plan.

Considering that PureVPN’s monthly plan costs $10.95, the five-year plan would normally be worth $657. But on this Cyber Monday, the total cost of PureVPN’s five-year plan was brought down to just $79, i.e., $578 less than the original price. Naturally, PureVPN’s Cyber Monday deal was bound to be a hit.

But the fun didn’t end there. Upon receiving a fantastic response on its Cyber Monday Exclusive offer, PureVPN has decided to extend the deal. It means that the 88% discount on the five-year plan can still be availed!

At a time when no other VPN brand is willing to offer a bigger deal than, on average, 66% off, PureVPN has won the hearts of bargain seekers by not only offering a fantastic VPN deal but also prolonging it even after the sales season has ended.

PureVPN is one of the few top VPN brands that has been audited for zero-log claims and also certified for maintaining its no-log policy. The leading VPN service is also renowned for offering the perfect streaming experience. It is one of the few VPN services that offer access to multiple Netflix libraries along with the new kid in town, Disney+.

The Cyber Monday offer only added more flavor to an already amazing service. Bargain lovers are therefore advised to grab this offer before it expires.

Source: PureVPN