PureVPN's No-Logs Policy Verified by a Top Auditor for the Fourth Time, Strengthening Commitment to User Privacy

PureSquare continues to raise the bar of holistic online security and privacy solutions worldwide. PureKeep, PureEncrypt, and PurePrivacy are a case in point in this regard, while PureVPN remains steadfast in enhancing its services. 

Today, PureSquare proudly announces the successful completion of the fourth consecutive assessment of PureVPN's stringent no-log policy by a top audit firm. The recent technical evaluation was performed on VPN servers, configurations, and their supporting infrastructure across various locations. The evaluation period spanned from the middle of February to the end of April 2023.

At PureVPN, we firmly believe in providing users with complete transparency about how their data is handled and protected. To reinforce our promise, we voluntarily undergo regular independent technical assessments of our privacy policy compliance.

Uzair Gadit, co-founder and CEO of PureSquare, emphasized the importance of user trust by stating, "Gaining the trust of our users is of utmost importance to us. We understand that when individuals choose a VPN service, they rely on us to protect their online privacy and ensure their data remains confidential."

In a digital landscape where user data privacy is key, PureVPN is leading the way. Its no-log policy is assessed by independent third-party assessments, which assures our users no identifiable data is kept that could be later disclosed to third parties. These thorough audits are not commonplace in the VPN industry, further emphasizing our unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of our no-log assertions.

The rigorous evaluation emphasizes conducting periodic and unannounced assessments to maintain a continuous assurance of compliance. Unlike a code assessment that focuses on specific technologies, this evaluation is primarily aimed at validating the compliance of PureVPN's privacy policy and end-user commitments. 

After the audit, we received the Technical Privacy Assessment Report, which confirms:

  • PureVPN does not log your origin IP address.
  • PureVPN does not log your assigned VPN IP address.
  • PureVPN does not log the specific time when you connect to our VPN server.
  • PureVPN does not log your activities after you've connected to our VPN server.

What does it mean for PureVPN users?

  • With PureVPN's no-log policy, you can browse the internet with peace of mind, knowing that your personal information is protected from third parties, ISPs, and advertisers.
  • By not storing your logs, PureVPN reinforces online security and preserves anonymity. In the event of a data breach, there is no sensitive information to compromise.

With cyber threats constantly evolving, at PureVPN, we're committed to empowering you to explore the digital world fearlessly, while ensuring your anonymity is always maintained.

For more information on PureVPN's no-log assessment, please visit here.

About PureVPN:

PureVPN is a premium VPN service provider that has been empowering millions of users globally with top-tier online privacy and security solutions. With its no-log policy and commitment to user trust, PureVPN stands as a symbol of excellence in the VPN industry.

Source: PureSquare